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How It Works

1. Origination

Students sign income share agreements (ISAs) with a school or education financier.

The school or education financier gives the students funding for their education now in exchange for a percentage of their future income for a set time.

2. Marketplace

Our platform enables this stage of the process.

After origination, schools or education financiers use our platform to sell signed ISAs to investors for a one time payment.

We manage the sales process and connect sellers with interested investors.

3. Return

Students pay a percent of future income for a set time to ISA investors.

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Overall, it appears that educational programs that have designed and offered ISAs in recent years describe broadly positive experiences after introducing their ISAs.

Educational programs report better-than-expected payment patterns; students have felt positively about their ISA experiences…

– Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Discussion Paper, December 2019

ISA Basics

An innovative contract for financing education

Students enter into ISAs to get financing for their education today in exchange for a certain percent of their future income for a set number of years.

ISAs offer students a competitive alternative to private student loans while offering investors an opportunity to invest in a growing asset class with target returns estimated at 8-15%.

Our Platform

Connecting ISA buyers & sellers

Schools and education financiers that own signed ISAs face a mismatch between current expenses and future ISA revenues. They can alleviate this mismatch by using our platform to connect with ISA buyers and monetize their ISAs today.

Investors can use our platform to buy ISAs and earn a long term stream of income with target returns estimated at 8-15%.

In recent years, ISAs have gained popularity as a means to finance education.

Major universities such as Purdue have created ISA programs for their students, while new educational models, such as short-term coding academies, look to ISAs as a financing tool. The idea has proved popular with students and parents, too.

– Sheila Bair, 19th Chair of the US FDIC

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